Armor X pro V38 firmware URL: click to download(Compressed package contains: firmware, PC upgrade tool)


ARMOR X Pro V38 firmware update instructions

1. Solved the problem of disconnection in wired mode, and change the reporting rate of XBOX wired mode to 250hz
2. Solved the problem of abnormal light effect when shutdown or sleep
3. Solved the abnormal vibration on SWITCH and PS4 consoles
4. Solved the abnormal vibration when long pressing the HOME button on the XBOX console
5. Solved the problem of activating the screenshot button while pressing the HOME button on XBOX controller
6. Solved the problem of pairing off when turning on and off the console when charging
7. Solved the problem that the lights turn off when you hold the power button while charging
8. Solved the problem that the wireless mode cannot be used when charging