The way to set TURBO

  1. There is only one way to set the TURBO: by TURBO button.
  2. The APP can not open TURBO function.


  1. TURBO button:The main part of ARMORX has 5 setting buttons the button with “” is TURBO Button.
  2. Prepare: Connect to the console successfully.
  3. The keys support TURBO: ABXY,D-pad, LB/RB/LT/RT, M1-M4, LS/RS.
  4. If the key value of the back button is null the TURBO won’t work.

The steps of setting TURBO

  1. Set TURBO: Hold the TURBO button+the button need TURBO (You need to release TURBO button once to set other buttons); the LED2 will flash twice in orange+the motor shake for 0.2 seconds.
  2. Cancel one button’s TURBO: Hold the “TURBO setted button” and double click the TURBO button; the LED2 will flash twice in orange.
  3. Cancel all buttons’ TURBO: Press twice TURBO button; the LED2 will flash twice in orange.
  4. Set TURBO frequency: Press FN button+D-pad up down button.
  • Three-speed TURBO function: 5 times/s, 10 times/s, 15 times/s.
  • Factory setting: 5 times/s.