The way to set MACRO

  1. Recording on controller.
  2. Recording on APP(Only ARMORX pro suport APP)
    • The APP can not read the MACRO recorded on the controller so for ARMORX player we recommend you record the MACRO on APP.
    • The APP can save unlimit MACRO.


  1. FN(MACRO) Button: The main part of ARMORX has 5 setting buttons the button with “FN” words is FN Button which controls MACRO.
  2. Prepare: Connect to the console successfully.
  3. The buttons support MACRO function: M1/M2/M3/M4.
  4. The key values support be recorded: ABXY,D-pad, LB/RB/LT/RT, joystick, LS/RS.
  5. The MACRO function will clear the key value of back buttons.
  6. Factory setting: The factory setting of M1/M2/M3/M4 is A/B/D-pad up/D-pad right. Only in the first memory profile and the other two profiles are null.

The steps of recording MACRO on controller

  1. Enter MACRO recording mode:
    • Press FN button+MACRO trigger button(one of M1-M4).
    • The LED2 on the right side breathes in red and the MACRO recording mode is on.
    • One MACRO button can record up to 15 key values(30 frames). The record will end if the key values are full.
  2. End MACRO recording:
    • Press FN button once to end MACRO recording.
    • The LED2 on the right side will flash twice.
  3. Execute MACRO:
    • After recording the macro, pressing the back button to execute the MACRO;
    • If you press one MACRO button during another MACRO running it will stop the running MACRO and execute the last MACRO.
  4. Clear one button’s MACRO:
    • Hold the back button that you want to clear the MACRO + press twice FN button.
    • The LED2 on the right side will flash twice in red.
  5. Clear all buttons’ MACRO:
    • Click FN button twice.
    • The LED2 on the right side will flash twice in red.

The steps of recording MACRO on APP

  1. MACRO recording:
    • APP recording do not need enter the MACRO recording mode.
    • Connect to the APP and Enter the MACRO editing interface, add macro buttons and set the interval time on the APP.
    • Save the MACRO and apply it to the controller.
  2. You can customize and change the MACRO on the fly.