Armor X pro V34 firmwar URL: click to download(Compressed package contains: firmware, PC upgrade tool)


ARMOR X Pro V34 firmware update instructions

1. The reporting rate is reduced to 125Hz when wired in XBOX mode and PS4 mode.
2. Optimized the problem of disconnection of wired connection

ARMOR X Pro V32 firmware update instructions
1. The reporting rate is increased from 125Hz to 250Hz during wired connection in XBOX mode and PS4 mode.

ARMOR X Pro V30 firmware update instructions
1. Optimized the bug that after the quick trigger is turned on, pressing it in a certain area at the bottom does not trigger
2. Optimized the bug that the motion would vibrate violently after pressing the responsive motion button and then pressing the A button
3. Optimized the sleep computer mechanism, the macro will not sleep during the execution of the macro

4. Added vibration feedback, enter settings, complete settings, clear settings, and low battery reminders will all vibrate reminders
5. Added wired connection for selection, used with manual mode switching
6. Added support for audio function in wired mode, 3.5mm earphones are inserted into the earphone holes of the original handle. (*Only have audio on PC and XBOX, no audio on switch)