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What is the difference between R90 and R100Pro2022-04-18T02:54:45+00:00

There is no difference in function. But R90 is wired adapter and R100Pro is wireless adapter. R90 can support more older controller devices without Bluetooth, and wired connective is more stable than wireless.

The joystick has dead zone and delay after connect with R902022-04-18T02:58:10+00:00

The R90 has 10% dead zone, and all controllers connected to the R90 will add 10% dead zone. The official website has a special 0 dead zone firmware, which can be selected according to your own situation.

How to connect console with R902022-04-18T02:47:26+00:00

1: Connect the R90 to the controller with a USB cable, and then insert it into the USB port of the console;

2: The indicator of the controller will be always on, press the HOME button of the controller to connect successfully.

Does not works with XBOX console2022-04-18T02:57:18+00:00

R90 does not support XBOX console, only supports XBOX controller.

Which platforms are supported2022-04-18T02:48:02+00:00

PC, SWITCH, PS4, PS5 (On the PS5, only PS4 version games are supported)

Does the controller support audio after connecting to the console with R902022-04-18T02:57:45+00:00

No, the R90 does not support audio output.

After connecting the console through R90, it cannot be controlled by controller2022-04-18T02:56:55+00:00

After connecting, you need to press the home button again to connect successfully. If you still can’t control it, please check whether the cable you are using has a data transfer function.

After connecting PS4 through R90, the analog touchpad does not respond when pressed2022-04-18T02:58:41+00:00

“Because not all controllers have a touchpad, in the R90 solution, the touchpad uses button + joystick to simulate some touchpad gestures of the ps controller.
And because the joystick is used, if the joystick is occupied during this process, the simulation logic cannot proceed.
If you find that the touchpad fails to press down without moving the joystick, you can check whether the joystick is in a drifting state.”