R100Pro FAQ2022-05-03T05:17:34+00:00



The following is the FAQ of R100 apply to R100Pro as same.

Which platforms are supported2022-04-18T07:15:36+00:00

pc, switch, ps4, ps5 (Only supports the ps4 version games on PS5).

Some buttons on the controller are inconsistent with the key values displayed on the console2022-04-18T07:30:48+00:00

It will be converted into the key value of the official layout of the connected platform through R100 pro.
Take the PS4 connected to the PC as an example, the value of the button will be converted to the value according to the XBOX mode.

How to pair on PS42022-04-18T07:18:16+00:00

1: Insert the R100 Pro into the USB port of the computer, the indicator light flashes;
2: Pair according to the power-on pairing method of the respective controllers;
3: The indicator lights of the controller and R100 Pro are always on, press the HOME button, the console displays the information that the controller is connected, then the connection is successful.

Does the controller support audio port after connecting to the console via R100 Pro2022-04-18T07:36:28+00:00

Not supported.

Does the controller still support vibration after connecting to different consoles through the R100 Pro adapter?2022-04-18T07:24:22+00:00

It is supported.

After connecting the R100 Pro, I feel that the joystick has dead zone and delay2022-04-18T07:37:02+00:00

R100 Pro comes with 10% dead zone, all controllers connected to R100Pro will increase the dead zone by 10%.

After connect to the console, the signal is unstable, delayed, disconnected…2022-04-18T07:27:37+00:00

The strength of the signal is affected by the distance and the surrounding environment. Please keep the distance between the controller and the adapter within 5M and confirm whether there are metal iron blocks or WiFi routers around, as there will be signal interference if it is too close.
usb3.0 will interfere with the connection, try to avoid inserting the usb3.0 interface.
Try buying a USB extension cable.

The R100 Pro is connected to the controller and the indicator is always on. But the controller indicator is still flashing2022-04-18T07:23:57+00:00

Turn off the controller, the R100 Pro indicator light flashes, then turn on the controller to connect.

The indicator light is always on, the pairing is successful, but the controller cannot control.2022-04-18T07:28:27+00:00